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Bodysym has highly experienced physiotherapists that are experts in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal pain. They are passionate about maintaining a ‘hands-on’ evidence based practice, delivering the best possible care which empowers the patient to better understand their condition.


We use a wide range of soft-tissue, mobilisation and manipulation techniques to alter joint mechanics, correct movement dysfunctions and address muscle imbalances that exist in the injured person. They can also devise a ‘tailored’ rehabilitation program that addresses some of the latent weaknesses that often exist as a consequence of pain and injury.


Bodysym aims to return people to full function whether that be highly competitive sport, a gentle kick around with the kids or just pottering in the garden – we know your wellbeing depends on these things.





Seeing a physio before an operation may seem a little pointless. Actually research shows that pre-conditioning before an operation expedites the recovery process by activating weakened musculature and increasing flexibility of surrounding soft-tissue structures that may have become restrictive through disuse.





Post-operative rehabilitation optimises your muscle function, movement control, strength, range of movement and fitness that will speed up recovery from surgery. You will be given an appropriate and progressive rehabilitation program designed to help you return to the activities and leisure pursuits you may not have been to fully participate in before your operation.



Physiotherapy treatments available


Manual therapy/manipulation

Exercise therapy

Sports rehabilitation

Soft-tissue release/massage

Core stability training/gym ball exercise

Movement analysis & muscle balance assessment and rehabilitation

Postural advice


Pre and post operative rehabilitation




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The quality of the specialist expertise of the physiotherapist in the practice is simply outstanding - by far the best in terms of effective treatment I have ever experienced... Read more

This place is amazing. I was unable to walk for longer than 5 mins, due to a serious back injury and I was recommend so many different things... Read more

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Bodysym are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Manipulation Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP) also registered with Health Professions Council & Physio First the highest standards of clinical practice in physiotherapy.

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