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Golf injury

Golf injury

Over the last decade golf’s popularity has increased significantly worldwide. Despite this it is still considered by some as a non-strenuous sport.    Significant changes in the modern golf swing, which now focuses on power and efficiency more than ever before, appears to have resulted in a marked increase in golf related injuries.  Approximately 50% of male and 45% of female amateur golfers reportedly suffer with lower back pain. Due to less efficient technique the average amateur golfer is predisposed to injuries through incorrect swing, overuse and poor physical conditioning.


The most common areas injured include:


Lower back





The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) are the world’s leading force behind golf specific conditioning, with 50 of the world’s most respected experts advising on subjects ranging from physiotherapy, personal training to psychology and nutrition. The TPI golf physical screen identifies any physical limitations that could affect your swing efficiency.  These factors are the taken into account and a personalized exercise programme is developed to help you optimise your performance.  The findings of the screening may also highlight possible swing characteristics that you have.  The exercises may improve your performance avoiding undue stress being placed on the body which with time may have resulted in tissue damage causing injury and pain.


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