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General Ultrasound

General Ultrasound

At The Ultrasound Centre we also offer a wide variety of general ultrasounds including Gynaecological, Testicular, Abdominal and Musculo-Skeletal. Whether you are seeking a second opinion or to simply put your mind at ease our team of highly qualified ultrasound experts are here to assist in any way they can.



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Ultrasound is the most commonly used and efficient imaging modality in pelvic scanning. The uterus and ovaries can be examined in 2 ways:


Trans-abdominal scan (A full bladder is required for this scan by drinking 2 pints of liquid 1 hour before your appointment. The scan is performed using a handheld transducer passed over the lower abdomen.


Trans-vaginal scan (This scan needs no preparation and the transducer is placed inside the vagina to obtain optimal images of pelvic structures.)


Both types of scan are often required to achieve optimum results.

Abdominal ultrasound scans use a handheld transducer to scan over the abdomen in order to examine the organs of the abdomen including the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, abdominal aorta and urinary bladder.


Usually you will be asked not to eat for 6 hours prior to the appointment. In cases where the urinary bladder needs examination then 2 pints of fluid 1 hour before the examination will ensure that the bladder is full enough for assessment.

Testicular ultrasound is a simple, painless examination often the first line of investigation if a problem is suspected. Common indications for an ultrasound scan maybe to evaluate a lump or pain in the testicles or to monitor infection or inflammation.


No preparation is needed for a testicular ultrasound.

Appointments usually take around 20 minutes.


In safe hands:


Whatever scans you chose, you can be assured of an accurate, friendly and efficient service performed by our ultrasound experts.


A £30 deposit is required at time of booking, full payment is required if booking a scan for a Sunday.

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