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Ergo  - Work

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“Ergonomics  =  Laws of work”


Ergonomics is the scientific discipline of designing work systems and environments around the complexities of human form and function. It embraces an understanding of biomechanics, anthropometrics (body form variability) and psychology.


If a work environment or machine is not specifically designed to suit the users’ individual needs then poor efficiency, physical discomfort and injury can occur.


Applications of Ergonomics can be found in...


Product/Machine design and engineering

Industrial work system design

Workplace layouts

Workstation / Office equipment manufacture

Health and safety compliance and legislation


Physiotherapists are interested in the field of ergonomics as a means of preventing musculoskeletal injury. Increasingly physio’s are being used in organisations to identify and minimize injury risk by making adjustments to workplace environments.


Matt Baker has undertaken his postgraduate training in health ergonomics at the Robens Institute in the University of Surrey. He has a special interest in office and industrial ergonomics.




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