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Routine foot care at Bodysym is provided by Tom Evans, who is an experienced HCPC registered Podiatrist who has worked both in private practice and the NHS.

During your appointment you can expect expert treatment for all your problem areas, corns calluses, verrucas, nail cutting and hard skin as well as advice on how to maintain excellent foot health and prevent problems in the future.



Skin & Nail Care

Do you have difficulties reaching your feet? Cracked heels? diabetes? or a problem with your skin or nails? If so than we can help. As Podiatrists we offer safe skin and nail care for people of all ages.  We have the tools of the trade to ensure that your feet are comfortable as well as looking and feeling their best.


Diabetic Skin & Nail Care

At Bodysym we know that diabetic feet require special care and attention. That's why we provide a range of services to diabetics including safe skin and nail care, diabetes education, and annual assessments.


Skin & Nail Conditions

Hard skin, Cracked heels, Ingrown toe nails, Corns, thickened nails, warts, tinea and more. Our podiatrists offer a wide variety of treatments to eliminate, improve and limit the symptoms suffered from skin & nail problems.


Discolored Toenails

Nail discoloration, in which the nails appear white, yellow, or greenish, can result from different infections and conditions of the skin. In about 50% of cases, discolored nails are a result of fungal infections from fungi that can be found almost any where even in the air and soil. Other causes include nail polish staining, damage and trauma, as well as other systemic problems. If your not sure of what is causing your discolouration or would like a hand in treating it that’s what we do best.




Ingrown Toenails & Nail Surgery

We offer both simple solutions as well as surgery with a focus on being as gentle as possible to give you lasting relief.


Tidy Up's

When you have difficulty reaching your nails or your feet get a little bit too hard to manage seeing a podiatrist can feel like a small gift from heaven. Whether it’s a tidy up of dry skin and callus or getting your toe nails looking healthy again our podiatrist have the right skills and equipment to help.


Cracked Heels

As podiatrist we have the ability to gently remove the dead and dry skin from your heels leaving them baby smooth again. By carefully pairing of the layers skin and following with a machine that gently buffs the dead skin off we can bring your heels back to their former glory and have you sandal ready in no time. Most people love the experience of getting their callus removed as a bit of pampering and love the way their feet look after. Where larger cracks are present we may also be able dress these areas if needed or tape the cracks together until they heal as well as offer some advice and check to see if there isn't any underlying cause to cracking.



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The quality of the specialist expertise of the physiotherapist in the practice is simply outstanding - by far the best in terms of effective treatment I have ever experienced... Read more

This place is amazing. I was unable to walk for longer than 5 mins, due to a serious back injury and I was recommend so many different things... Read more

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Bodysym are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Manipulation Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP) also registered with Health Professions Council & Physio First the highest standards of clinical practice in physiotherapy.

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