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Childrens Podiatry

Specialist Children’s Podiatry


It has been our experience that proper care and treatment of the feet, beginning in childhood and infancy, will prevent many of the mechanical and orthopaedic problems seen in adults.


Many children walk excessively pigeon-toed, flat footed, or bowlegged and, although they are not in pain, they are damaging their feet. For example:


Most babies begin life with their toes pointing slightly out. However, if the unborn baby lies with its feet pressed against the womb the wrong way, it can be born with its feet inward. Tripping in infants and young children may be the first sign of toeing in.


Many babies naturally appear flatfooted, but as the infant begins to stand and walk this will disappear.


As a child masters walking the medial arch begins to appear. All toddlers have flat feet because of a low angle of calcaneal inclination, by 5 to 6 years this angle has increased, and in most cases a medial longitudinal arch becomes apparent.

By around 6 years of age, your child should have normal arches in both feet. Children who appear flat-footed have a normal arch, but flatten it when they stand. This movement is called "pronation" and may cause painful symptoms and make the child tire easily. In this case, specialist kids' orthotics for children may be useful to improve the foot posture and also relieve painful symptoms.



Treatment Options


Podiatrists provide all sorts of different treatment options for the lower limbs. The treatment that is required depends on the injury/condition we’re treating as well as the individual being treated. Just because something might work for one person, does not necessarily mean it is the best option for someone else. That’s why we’ll always do our best to provide you all the necessary information and a variety of suitable treatment options so that as a parent, guardian, or child… you may choose a treatment option that you feel comfortable with and which best suits you (or your child!). Below are just some of the treatments that we provide at Bodysym.




Orthotics are in-shoe devices commonly used to correct gait (walking) abnormalities, among other conditions. Orthotics are highly specific to the individual. We customize all of our in-shoe devices. Given that no two feet are the same, it seems unrealistic to expect that two people could wear the same orthotics. At Bodysym a childs foot is always laser scanned to obtain a perfect 3-D image of the feet so to be able to fully customize any orthoses needed, we work closely with a laboratory to see that the devices are made to our specific needs.


Orthotics can be worn in standard children's shoes Orthotic devices are effective in the treatment of children with foot deformities. Most podiatric physicians recommend that children with such foot deformities begin to use orthitics as soon as possible after they start walking, to stabilize the foot. Our children's orthotics can be placed directly into a standard children's shoes and also children's sports or athletic shoes.



Customised In-Shoe Padding & Strapping

In-shoe padding &/ strapping is often a good, economical alternative to orthotics. Strapping may be used to either alter the alignment of the foot/lower limb or it can be used to splint and protect painful or injured areas. In-shoe padding may be combined with strapping, or be used alone in the shoe(s) for minor corrections to the foot/lower limb.



Stretching & Strengthening Regimes

We recognise that stretching and strengthening activities can be difficult for kids to stick to! That’s why we attempt to make all of our prescribed activities fun, interactive and kid-friendly. After all… there’s no use prescribing something that just won’t get done!


Stretching and strengthening exercises are commonly overlooked by many therapists. There are so many little muscles deep within the feet and legs, and we believe that it’s vital to acknowledge these… especially because it can often be due to little muscle instabilities and weaknesses that we’re considering orthotics/splinting in the first place!


At Bodysym the specialist podiatry team work alongside experience physiotherapists so we can also call on their expertise if necessary too!



Video Gait Analysis & Retraining

Many children present with in-toeing, out-toeing, tripping, ataxic movements and other atypical gait patterns which may be brought about by developmental delays, neurological or movement disorders. In these instances, it is a major focus of ours at Bodysym not to just put a device in the shoe or underneath the foot without addressing the causative factors. Our podiatrists are trained professionals who are able to assist with ambulatory issues by way of gait assessment and retraining.



At Bodysym our podiatrists have a special interest in the growth and development of childrens feet. With many adult foot problems being early in life we believe that prevention is better than cure, but we also only treat when it is absolutely necessary. A full assessment is performed to identify any causes of current or potential problems. Sometime only reassurance and advice is necessary.


Today’s treatments for toddlers and younger children with biomechanical problems are generally non-threatening and usually involve some fun exercises and games as well as some education and a little arch support if required.


For older children we normally treat them like mini adults in a relaxed and friendly environment with the added focus on teaching them the importance of caring for their feet, knowing their body and asking for help as needed.






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