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Biomechanical Podiatry

Biomechanical Podiatry

Many people suffer with mechanical pain or injury in the lower limbs or back. Your foot posture and function may well be the underlying cause of this. In musculoskeletal podiatry, a thorough assessment of the structure, alignment and function of your lower limb is formed to determine if any adjustments are required to improve your gait and reduce loading of the painful areas.


Specially prescribed inserts (or orthotics as they are commonly known) for the shoe are often required to alter the way your feet interact with the ground and support the foot in the correct position during ambulation. Orthotics are often prescribed in combination with an exercise programme and advice on exercises, stretches and optimal footwear for the foot-type and injury you are suffering with.




An orthotic is an in-shoe device which alters the way your foot interacts with the ground. The can reduce the amount of pronation (rolling in) or supination (rolling out) that occurs at each step and reduce tissue stress to areas of pain. Certain additions can relieve pressure around other areas of your foot.


Orthotics come in many forms. They can be generically made in a factory and then tailored to your foot type or they can be made-to measure when the problems are quite severe. This involves taking a 3-D scan of your foot and having them specifically made in a podiatric laboratory. The podiatrist will provide you with advice on what device is best suited to your needs.


A gradual ‘breaking-in’ period is usually required to allow your body to adjust to the new position, especially if you use the devices for sport. You should be able to transfer the devices between the majority of shoes. We cannot offer a guarantee that the orthotics will cure the condition, only that they will improve your foot and lower limb alignment.



About the Care packages


The initial assessment is approximately 1 hour in duration and includes a non-weight bearing assessment of the foot and lower limb followed by gait analysis on a treadmill using video and gait analysis software.



Our Technology

Using state of the art Delcam I-Qube 3-D Laser scanner and video gait analysis we are able to provide an accurate clinical analysis of your posture, balance and gait. This information may be used to gather or confirm a diagnosis, or it may be used to monitor your treatment progress.


During your static and dynamic assessment certain information can be detected that may not be possible without this technology, such as: abnormally high pressure areas on feet, compensation patterns causing shift of weight to one side, leg length discrepancy etc.

Using this measured, holistic evaluation in a visual manner enables patients to actually see their own foot function, posture and walking pattern and how this may be contributing to their complaint.



























During the assessment if orthoses are required you can decide between various types which can be provided to best suit your needs.


Standard device: A generic device prescribed with wither a 4 degree or 6 degree medial control under at the rearfoot.  These are half length with a choice of leather or EVA cover.


Sports device:  The shell of the device is thinner overall, with a reinforced strip along the arch to assist with torsion control.  This device is a 'neutral' device. Sports devices come with full length cushioned covers.


The orthotics can be further customized to fit in specific shoes such as running and cycling shoes, football boots, ice skates and ski boots.


Semi-bespoke: A generic device made to your specific requirements.  A choice of cover from leather or EVA, half or full length.


Fully bespoke: Custom-made orthotics are an individualized pair of shoe inserts, made from a 3-D laser image of each foot with specific added corrections. The system can be based on either a weight-bearing, semiweight-bearing or even nonweight-bearing "subtalar-neutral" foot image.


A wide range of materials and colours can be used in custom-fitted orthotics, from leather and cork to high-tech viscoelastic materials, carbon fiber, polypropylene and rigid plastics. The orthotics can be further customized to fit in specific shoes, including dress shoes, loafers, flats, high heels.


The main advantages of custom-made orthotics are the excellent, personalized fit and the individualized correction of biomechanical faults. These factors help ensure rapid adaptation and relief of underlying and associated musculoskeletal complaints.5 Especially when dealing with poor support for the pelvis and spine, a custom fit provides a more predictable response and longer-term symptom relief. The materials and in-shoe fit can be selected to work well in the specific patient's usual shoes. Activity levels and body mass can also be taken into account when ordering custom orthotics. Specific corrections, asymmetrical posting and lifting, and support for unusual and anomalous anatomy can also be requested.



Children's standard: A generic device to help with foot function and support.


Children's Standard plus: A generic device with additional support.


All Options come in a range of colours and finishes.



We can offer an enormous range of orthotics styles, colours and materials. Al prices depend upon the options chosen. For more information please call us.





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